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Greece-China: Meeting of two Civilizations in Philosophy and Sciences

On the occasion of Greece – China 2017 Year, the Dean of the Faculty of Sciences of AUTh, Prof. C. Chintiroglou, the Dean of the Faculty of Philosophy of AUTh, Prof. D. Mavroskoufis, and the Director of the Nanotechnology Lab- LTFN, Prof. S. Logothetidis organized the Honorary Ceremony: “Greece-China: Meeting of two Civilizations in Philosophy and Sciences” on Wednesday 13th of December at the Ceremony Hall in the Old Building of the Faculty of Philosophy at AUTh.

The Ceremony speakers were Dr. of Political and Social Sciences Christos Kafteranis, author of the book “Li Ki”, the translation in Greek of the ritual and rites of the society and state in Ancient China, and Professor of Biomechanics & Biomedical Engineering at University of Patras, Greece, Yannis Misirlis.

Dr Kafteranis presented the philosophical and political thinking in Ancient China and the parallel routes of 10 eminent philosophers of Ancient Greece and Ancient China.

Prof. Misirlis revealed the significance of Biomedical Technology and Medical Practices in Ancient Greece and Ancient China which developed almost at the same time.


Δημοσιεύματα – Δεκέμβριος 2017

ΑΠΘ – «Ελλάδα-Κίνα: Η Συνάντηση των δυο Πολιτισμών στην Φιλοσοφία και τις Θετικές Επιστήμες»

One of the best Pilot Lines in Europe

Prof. Stergios Logothetidis was invited to present the success story of EU FP7 Smartonics Project at the 1st European Pilot Production, Network Workshop (EPPN). Nanotechnology Lab-LTFN was the Coordinator of Smartonics -one of the 3 best pilot lines in Europe – which has gained sustainability after its completion and is being cited for its impact and outreach.
Smartonics was awarded by the EU as the 1st Runner-Up at the Best Project Competition during EuroNanoForum 2017.

You can find more info on Smartonics EU Award here.
For more info on Smartonics visit the project’s website